You can now add music to posts you make on Facebook – Internet

You can now add music to posts you make on Facebook - Internet

The feature is new and is available when posts have an integrated photo or video.

Facebook announced the launch of a new feature that will allow the addition of music to the multimedia posts made in that social network. The company started testing this option in September with a limited group of users, but will now extend the scope to all accounts.

To use this feature you will need to take a photo or record a video with the camera of the Facebook app and add the musical sticker, which will allow you to search and select the track, just as it already does on Instagram. The system also works with content added directly from your phone's gallery.

Once loaded, the post will appear with the corresponding sticker, where the name of the track and the artist is indicated.

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Note that it is also possible to add music to Facebook stories.

Still in the same domain, Facebook will reshape the music section of users' profiles. The idea is to make it easier to add banners and increase the emphasis that is given by the social network to this part. One of the strategies is to put the user's musical tastes at the top of their profile.

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