You can now sign up for walks in Pokémon GO, with the app off – Apps

You can now sign up for walks in Pokémon GO, with the app off - Apps

Niantic has updated the augmented reality game with the Adventure Sync system, which synchronizes the game with applications such as Google Fit and HealthKit.

Fans of Pokémon GO will be able to accumulate more "Candy" and shock more creatures' eggs as they wander around daily, without even having the application open and consuming battery. In the latest update, Niantic debuts in Pokémon GO Adventure Sync functionality, which allows you to continue to track the steps in your game by synchronizing with other applications, such as Google Fit and HealthKit, while keeping the smartphone in your pocket. In the future the Adventure Sync feature will be added to other company titles, supporting different mechanics.

When synchronizing with fitness applications, the game has access to the weekly summary of the steps taken, among other statistics, such as calories burned, which may eventually reward players in Pokémon GO. The functionality not only rewards gamers to play and perform the tasks of the famous game, but also encourages them to take advantage of all physical activity for the progression of Pokémon GO.

Niantic also took the opportunity to make a statistical snapshot on GO Pokémon, noting that by 2018, gamers have already spent 53% more while playing their game compared to 2017. In a survey of 2,000 " Pokémon ", 70% felt more motivation to walk more due to the game and 64% felt more motivated to leave the house. Finally, 47% of players felt that they developed their physical condition because of the augmented reality title. Many responded that Pokémon GO helped develop social ties with other players.

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