Young people from Odemira win prizes at the National Science Exhibition

Young people from Odemira win prizes at the National Science Exhibition

Two projects from the Dr. Manuel Candeias Gonçalves Secondary School, in Odemira, were awarded at the 14th National Science Exhibition, promoted by the Youth Foundation, on November 26th and 27th. This year the event took place online, due to the current pandemic situation.

The project “Influence of a herbicide on edaphic fauna: avoidance trials with Eisenia foetida”, by students Raquel Pacheco Martins, Timo Cláudio Dieter Kolb and Tomás Fernandes Matos, received two awards: the Porto Editora Prize, in the amount of 300 euros, and participation in International Wildlife Research Week (Swiss Youth in Science), a week of wildlife research in the Alps.

This project aimed to test the effect of a herbicide on the survival and avoidance behavior of Eisenia foetida earthworms. Standardized acute toxicity tests (contact with filter paper) and soil avoidance tests were used. The work was tutored by Professor Carla Pinheiro (from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Program VemVer).

The project “Forest beetles – a precious helper”, carried out by Paulo Alfeirão and André Silva, received an honorable mention. The students studied the forest beetles, which feed on excrement, burying them. These insects play an important role in ecosystems and improve livestock grazing. This project was supervised by Professor Fernando Almeida, from ICNF – Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation.

Even in pandemic times, work in science continues in full swing at the Odemira Secondary School, under the guidance of Professor Paula Canha.

In the great national event dedicated to science, 54 projects participated in several study areas: Bioeconomics, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Physics, Informatics and Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry. These are projects carried out by more than 100 young scientists, under the guidance of 31 teachers, which are the result of the selection made by the jury of the 28th National Competition for Young Scientists.


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