“Youth Forest Watch” ends in party – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

“Youth Forest Watch” ends in party - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The 12th “Forest Surveillance – Youth Volunteering” program, aimed at young people aged 12-17, ended with a meeting with all participants and participants.

On this occasion, the young volunteers had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Loulé Fire Department, the Faro District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) and the Municipal Heliport, equipment of great importance in the context of the municipality's civil protection and relief operations. Loule.

The young people who participated in this program also received their diploma of nature watchers, signed the Volunteer Honor Roll and had a moment of conviviality in which they talked about this experience.

It is recalled that the activity took place during the school holidays, namely during the months of July and August. Nine brigades were constituted, composed of 7 elements, and in the two months of activity 68 young people participated that traveled about 620 km, in the parishes of the interior of the county. The youths detected a rural fire.

Preventing and detecting forest fires, raising awareness and informing the population, interacting with the older and more isolated population, as well as learning about forest fires and walking outdoors, favoring interpersonal relationships between volunteers who participate. These are the main objectives of the “Forest Surveillance – Youth Volunteering” program which also aims to underline the importance of the forest and the environment.

This initiative was supported by the parish councils of Alte, Ameixial, Salir and Union of Parishes Querença, Tôr and Benafim. At the final party, the Municipal Civil Protection Service had the support of Loulé Municipal Firefighters, Faro CDOS and Republican National Guard GIPS.



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