YouTube Gaming closes on May 30 – Internet

YouTube Gaming closes on May 30 - Internet

The YouTube Gaming application will close on May 30th. YouTube already had announced that intention last year, considering that the platform came to cause "confusion" among video game fans, now proving an official date for its end. Users are now taken to the main YouTube site on the official help page where a new gaming channel has been created that replaces the previous portal.

YouTube explains on the page the reasons for the decision: "We launched YouTube Gaming as a standalone app for gamers, in which we tested new features based on feedback from the players community. We want to continue to develop a more efficient platform for the gamer community, which is growing more and more on YouTube and not just the YouTube Gaming application. Over 200 million people access the YouTube main app every month to interact with their favorite gamers and creators. "

YouTube Gaming was launched in 2015 with the goal of competing with platforms such as Amazon's Twitch. It was promoted by YouTube as a way to enhance the live stream experience and keep content irrelevant away from the gamer community. In addition, it was used to test new features, such as dark mode.

However, the company came to the conclusion that most users continued to watch game videos in the main application, and many did not even understand the reason YouTube Gaming was created. In addition, YouTube Gaming never threatened Twitch's leadership. According to data revealed by Engadget, Amazon's platform had at the beginning of the year about 64 thousand users that generated 1.9 million hours of content, against 22 thousand users who produced 460 thousand hours in YouTube Gaming.

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