YouTube is no longer preferred to spread extremist propaganda – Internet

YouTube is no longer preferred to spread extremist propaganda - Internet

Terrorist groups such as the Islamic State organization and al-Qaeda opt for services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Photos to make terrorist propaganda.

The use of Google's video platform as a means of spreading online terrorist propaganda is dwindling, according to an analysis carried out by Site Intelligence Group.

The study suggests that terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State (EI) prefer to use file hosting services such as Dropbox, Google Photos and Google Drive to store video speeches, war images or documentaries.

After being uploaded to the internet, links to this type of content are usually disseminated through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram Messenger to reach the widest possible audience.

A Google official said the technology is "pleased by this report detailing the great progress made on YouTube to deal with terrorist content," explaining that the Mountain View giant has been using the latest advances in machine learning to eliminate these content in all its services.

Dropbox also revealed that it condemns the existence on its platform of "any activity that promotes terrorism," adding that it removes such material when it finds it and cooperates with authorities to support investigations into its origin.

The report comes at a time when electronic platforms have been under scrutiny by the European Union, which pressure them, in the light of the RGPD, to remove terrorist contents from its services within one hour of being notified.

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