YouTube makes access to original content available to all users – News

YouTube makes access to original content available to all users - News

It's official: free access for all users to original platform content is set for September 24th. According to the TechCrunch website, confirmation of the May announcement by Robert Kyncl, the company's CBO, arrived via an email received by users of YouTube's premium service.

Currently, YouTube Originals productions, formerly known as YouTube Red, are only accessible through paid subscription to the platform's premium service. However, as of the scheduled date, unsubscribed users will be able to watch for free, albeit with the disruption of some original YouTube ads, series, and events.

Exclusive content similar to “Cobra Kai” – the continuation of the famous 1980s movie “Karate Kid” – or “Mind Field” – a science series created by Michael Stevens, author of the “Vsauce” channel – will also be featured. available at no additional cost to non-subscribers for a limited period of time.

YouTube Premium subscribers will not only be able to see their favorite productions without ads, but also enjoy benefits such as accessing all episodes in a series as they debut, downloading content for offline viewing, and access to exclusive scenes, if available.

According to the Deadline website, the idea of ​​democratizing access to original YouTube content has been in the company's plans since November 2018, and is also part of a series of strategic changes regarding the future of Google's platform.

In addition to being the first to hear about changes in access to YouTube Originals, premium subscribers were also informed of new features, as TechCrunch indicates. Among them, users will be able to find, for example, a content recommendation function that can be downloaded based on platform algorithm suggestions.

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