Zoo renovated on the web to show more critters – Today's website

Zoo renovated on the web to show more critters - Today's website

In the year it celebrates its 135th anniversary, the Zoo has renewed its official website. With the support of the Lisbon Project, the site now has a new image, while changes have been made to make it more intuitive.

The site will allow the user to more easily access the registration features in Free Time Activities, Birthday Parties, Workshops, Animal Sponsorship and the purchase of exclusive discounted online tickets.

According to Paulo Saúde, responsible for the management of Jardim Zoológico's website, "the dynamics of digital navigation and the increasing use of mobile devices to access the websites made this renewal a very clear objective and necessity," adding that making the site adaptable to all enables the user to "improve the user experience and communicate more effectively and effectively."

The area "Zoo Kids" also becomes a more structured space within the site, with games, activities, educational hobbies and curiosities, always with the aim of alerting to the conservation and protection of the environment.

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There is more content in video and large image and a new blog associated with the current situation of the institution, the conservation of species and their habitats. You can visit here the new official page of the Zoo.

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