Zoófila Union only has food for animals until Monday – The Economic Journal

Zoófila Union only has food for animals until Monday - The Economic Journal

The Union Zoófila, based in Sete Rios, Lisbon, warned today that it only has food for the animals until Monday and called for the contribution of all to its almost 700 dogs and cats collected.

"The leadership of the Zoófila Union appeals to all those in Lisbon and other parts of the country who support our work, so that the nearly 700 abandoned dogs and cats housed in the shelter of Sete Rios continue, also from Monday to eat every day, "reads a statement released today.

The association stressed that it is going through a "dramatic moment", as it has lost part of the support of two commercial areas, notably in its food-raising campaigns, by committing them.

In addition to food, he warned of the daily need to ensure "that their accommodation is maintained in conditions of hygiene and dignity," also referring to the constant need for medicines.

The association is concerned about the survival of their animals and regrets the fact that they are losing support from their assistants. However, it is available and "prepared to continue to negotiate and plan directly with hypermarkets in the Lisbon area the campaigns, in number and mold necessary for the needs of the animals it protects".

"The human resources are the many dozens of volunteers and sponsors who also know the animals that the association protects," he said.

However, food warehouses continue to empty and have failed to get any response from large supermarkets to which they also appealed, it said in the note.

Lusa sought further information from the management of the association, but so far it has not been possible to contact them.

The Zoófila Union welcomes in its shelter about 500 dogs and 200 abandoned cats.

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