Zyl is a smart photo app focused on user memories – Android

Zyl is a smart photo app focused on user memories - Android

The app lets you view, manage, and share photos from your smartphone album, but adds smart features for better organization.

Formerly known as Comet, Zyl is yet another photo organizing application. Like others, you can view photos, manage albums, and share with family and friends. However, through deep learning and artificial intelligence, the app becomes more than just an "infinite" grid of thumbnails.

The idea is to offer users authentic photo memories and in that sense, the first time you open the app will appear the latest photos. But over time, this is adapting to use and offers some surprises to users. One of the fun functions is the delivery of a "wrapping" containing an old photograph (memory) inside to instigate nostalgia.

Unlike the major default apps installed on iOS and Android devices, the photos are kept on the phone and, to safeguard privacy rules, no files are uploaded to online servers.

The application is intended to be intuitive and enjoyable to use, helping users save memory space by detecting duplicate photos and suggesting their best versions by comparing the contrast of the images or if they are blurred. The producer is working on new features to be introduced in the future, such as an effective search.

You can download Zyr in iOS and Android versions.

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